Visual Music Service 

Visual Music Service (VMS) was started in 1996, but the roots of this company, through my mentor - the late John E. Oliver- stretch back to feature films like "Hello Dolly," and "La Bamba" and TV shows like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island, through "The Wedding Singer," "Bird," and "La Bamba" to "American Pie," "Flags Of  Our Fathers," "Burlesque," Friends, Seinfeld and House, MD.  We're as current as our work on 90210, 1600 Penn, and NCIS.  Latest work includes a rock-themed episode of CSI with Gene Simmons, the pilot for NCIS: New Orleans, and the upcoming Paramount remake of "The Gambler."

VMS can provide a full range of music services for any production.  Here's what we do:

  • Contract sideline and recording musicians
  • Compose/arrange/produce/record any kind of music 
  • Generate original underscore, songs and source music
  • Edit existing music
  • Advise and/or consult on all the above and more...

Here's how we do it: 

  • Access to the best-qualified musicians in the Los Angeles area.
  • Great in-house facilities and tools for recording and composition, and great relationships with state-of-the-art retail and project studios.  Two-track to whatever-track, in any format.  No problems; no excuses.
  • Extensive network of out-of-state musicians as well - anywhere, any time. We'll go on location to get it done, too.
  • Familiarity with all union and payroll forms and any kind of entertainment business paperwork - AFM, SAG/AFTRA, non-union - whatever you need to get the job done.  Referalls to other vendors when needed, and a close working relationship with all the major payroll and labor providers. 
  • Long-time relationships with most major producers, studios and content providers, unions, composers and performers - this means we get answers fast. 

VMS began as a contracting resource for sideline musicians, and though we've expanded into composing, producing and music supervision, on-camera music of all kinds remains our specialty. We can provide any type of musician on any instrument and any "look" to fit your production. We only work with the best, so if the scene requires live recording or a pre-record session, you'll get a great sounding track in addition to a great looking band. Young and old, symphonic, rock, jazz, hip-hop, ethnic; we have it all from accordion to zither.  Our musicians are professionals and know how to handle themselves on a set.  They have their own instruments, formal and street clothing; they are on time and camera-ready.  Our longevity and reputation means we're constantly lining up new players. They call us first because they hear that we have the work and we'll look out for them.  

You'll call us first because we know your needs.  Let's work together on your next project.