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If you're interested in working with us as a sideline or recording musician, read this:

A sideline musician appears on camera as a musician or vocalist.  This often involves pantomiming to a pre-recorded track; sometimes there is no music for playback and sometimes the music is recorded "live," as the scene is shot.   Many of our sideline jobs also involve pre-recording or on-site recording of playback music.  In any case this is not a job for an actor or backgriund player, unless the actor is also a highly-skilled professional musician. Visual Music Service works primarily with full-time professional musicians.  You should have a flexible schedule and understand that these jobs are subject to last-minute changes in time, location and other factors.  Since our work often involves recording, you must meet the standards of a full-time pro to be considered. Membership in a performers' union - the AFM  for musicians or SAG/AFTRA for vocalists - is also helpful, though not a prerequisite.  

To be considered for sideline work, send a clear picture that shows your current appearence to  If we don't already know you, please include contact info - an email address, a reliable phone number - a short description of your experience and abilities, and an MP3 or link to an example of your playing or singing.  If you know people that we know, mention them. Personal referrals are the best referrals.

If you are looking for work as an actor, background artist or for other jobs in the entertainment field, we can't help you at all.  You should contact SAG/AFTRA (film/tv), Central Casting (background or "extras" casting), or Actors' Equity (live theater) for help in those fields.  If you're trying to get into a crew position or become a writer or other creative type, there are organizations that provide training and support.